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SSIS file name with time

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There is often a need to add a time stamp on your file.  On your file connection (in connection manager section of ssis) pull up the properties for your file (F4 or right click…properties).  Expand expressions and add in a new expression of ‘Connection String.”  From there you should be able to get to your expression builder.  This uses regular expressions. 

From there add your file location, file name and then you can add the parts of your dates with

(DT_WSTR,20) DATEPART("Hh", GETDATE())  +"_" +  (DT_WSTR,20)DATEPART("n", GETDATE()) +"_" +  (DT_WSTR,20)DATEPART("s", GETDATE()) +".txt"


DT_WSTR is the casting function and DATEPART pulls out the part of your date.

Result: 8_23_31.txt


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August 17, 2012 at 7:24 am

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