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Prescedent Constraint Missing Prescedent Constraint

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For some reason my expression on my prescedent constraint wasn’t passing successfully. Restated: I have a constraint on a data flow item to test an expression. I have it testing a string value that I set in the script editor. If it is not empty I send an email. The expression I was using (@[User::EmailRowErrors] !=”” or @EmailRowErrors !=”” Either one was working ) .

For some reason it stopped working. Worked before. Doesn’t work now. After some time I learned that the expression editor cannot handle > 4k characters, so it was just bombing because my text was simply too long. I never received an error of any kind, fyi.

The end result is that I created another boolean variable that I also set in the script editor and I test for it and now it works like a champ. (@[User::SendEmail] ==true) Thanks for reading.


Written by matt

February 21, 2012 at 3:34 pm

Posted in SSIS

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