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What’s the umbrella for? (part 2)

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Earlier I wrote a post (What’s the umbrella for?) It seems like I’ve written a couple of posts regarding searching in the database for objects with text in them.  Here is the latest way I’ve done it.  This method seems to return more results.  I should script it all out and make it fancy but I needed to get to the end result instead of wasting company time on the process.

So in order to search all objects in a database for the word FADRIZZLE I first get a list of the databases with

Select name from sys.databases order by name

I paste these names in to Excel, which I think has two L’s but I’m not sure.

Then I use this at the top of my spreadsheet

create table #ttDbList (DatabaseName varchar(50), ObjectName varchar(100))

and add the formula against my database name list

="insert into #ttDbList select ‘" & A2 & "’ as db,  from " & A2 & ".sys.sql_modules m  inner join " & A2 & "..sysobjects o on where [definition] like ‘%FADRIZZLE%’"

If it is a 2000 database I use the following formula instead


Copy and paste the results to your query window.

Now you can run it and it will query all the databases on the server for your special word FADRIZZLE.  You’ll get errors for offline databases and it doesn’t discriminate against comments.


Written by matt

January 15, 2012 at 3:28 pm

Posted in T-Sql

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