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Database Info in HTML format

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Someone gave this to me back in 2007.  I don’t know the source.  It doesn’t completely work and needs some fixing, but it gives you everything you ever wanted to know about a database in html format – users, tables, views, sprocs, etc.  It will alleviate you having to search the database for everything yourself.   Run it and output results to a file ending in html, then open it.  Even with the errors you can get an idea of what it is doing.  Some rainy day I’ll need this and then I’ll fix it and you will see it’s worth, which is most of the stuff in my garage.

This is akin to me finding a broken something in the attic that I made from my childhood and trying to convince you it’s worth something.    Enjoy!



Written by matt

January 10, 2012 at 4:29 pm

Posted in T-Sql

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