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Calling Reports via URL take II

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Previously I had posted advice here on how to link to a report via url.  I have some more information for you to assist you (me) with this venture.  Some organizations choose to use IIS rather than use just the web service URL to enable the use of sharepoint as a UI.  Consequently the directory takes a funny look: 

Previously the link looked like this


However, if you enable viewing the report from sharepoint it has to be fed from IIS.  Therefore the DirectoryName becomes root website followed by the directory, etc.  Also, note, that SERVERNAME can be the servername but it IS the sqlserver name:


One thing to note, there is no way to go to the website directly.  You have to fully qualify the server name.  Confused yet?  If interested here is the configuration of the reports:


So here is the full range of possibilities and examples:

Render to PDF using HTML Report Viewer with Sharepoint Report

Render with SharePoint Viewer (nicer look than HTML)

Render Directly to PDF with HTML Viewer

Render using HTML Viewer

Thanks Chris for your assistance with this stuff!


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November 30, 2011 at 4:23 pm

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