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Poem: GenerateResourceNeverLockTypeAssemblies

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there once was a boy who liked to code
an app, a site, or two.
he liked to streamline processes
and he liked to sing the blues

he didn’t have the confidence
to sing to a crowd
but he could write procs and classes
without ever being loud

so he kept on coding
and his longing to be a singer
he would soon forget

but one day in his studio
(his devenv of choice )
things began to crash
leaving him with no voice

he tried repair/install
he tried commands at the run
he tried removing all configs
everything under the sun.

he tried as an admin
he tried logging all faults
he tried going into safe mode
but his UI still did halt

He finally succumbed to
a site or two
that gave him some guidance
on what to do

He added a line to
His project file
A <propertyGroup> tag
It seemed worthwhile

He Set that value to true
And went back to singing his blues


Probably the worst poem I’ve ever written…written at different points while waiting on my visual studio.

I Added the following line to the <popertyGroup> tag to my  vbproj file (with notepad):

Regarding error: Unable to delete file "bin\Debug\….

found via this post and this post


Written by matt

November 1, 2011 at 1:49 pm

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