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Execute Sql Task to Insert

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SSIS has the ability to make your complex etl transactions work great as well as the magical ability to make an ordinary person COMPLETELY CRAZY.

All I wanted to do was insert into a table with a variable…kind of like a status showing that my package processed a file that I pulled down from the ftp site.  Perusing the controls I figured the best way to do this was with an execute sql task.  My ftp file name is stored in a variable named @ftpFile.  So, the trick was that I wanted to use the variable value on my insert.  So I filled out the  parameter mapping with my variable name and set my insert statement to insert into tablename (filename, success) values (? ,1)  as per the recommendations by several online sites as well as the two books sitting in front of me.  They all lie.

Here is the error I received upon implementation of these valuable recommendations:

[Execute SQL Task] Error: Executing the query ""insert into <tablename>(filename, succ…" failed with the following error: "Line 1: Incorrect syntax near ‘+’.". Possible failure reasons: Problems with the query, "ResultSet" property not set correctly, parameters not set correctly, or connection not established correctly.

I tried everything I could think of with my result set short of throwing my computer out of the window.

My only guess is that this technique is possible with select statements, but not inserts (and if you use this technique note that this is ADO, OLEDB, AND ODBC specific).  I’m not spending any more time figuring out why…although if you want to tell me I’m eager to learn.


So, after trying different things all day I decide to set my SQLSourceType = Variable which allows me to select a custom variable that I created that holds my insert statement. 


My variable (named InsFtpFilename) holds a string that points to another variable.   To make this work set the EvaluateExpression = true and set the value to something like this:

"insert into tablename (filename, success) values (‘" +  @ftpFile + "’] ,1)" 

(note: @ftpFile is my filename…it is referencing the other variable dynamically stored in another variable).  Also, for some reason in your Execute Sql Task it is required that a parameter is set (go to parameter mapping and make up something).  I don’t use it.  Nor will you.  But keep it cheerful none-the-less.

(I don’t see how it uses it…as I already set my variable above)



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February 19, 2010 at 4:38 pm

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