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Embed Reporting Services by Jessica Moss

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I attended ‘Embed Reporting Services into your applications’ by Jessica Moss as part of the 24 hours of training hosted by sqlpass.  Click on the sql24pass tag to see the other courses I took.  Thank you J. Moss and SqlPass for the time and energy spent for my education.  You were there for me. 

Ms. Moss was very knowledgeable and has some interesting points on the differences between the different varieties of report services and the benefits therein.  Specifically, she discussed local, server, and sharepoint distribution methods.

server mode beneifits
report history

local mode benefits
It can be used in applications, windows form applications.  Technically you can use it without a backend source… by passing in the datasource directly to the report (good reuse).  By doing this you can get around licensing requirements (read: free).  However, you can only export to excel and pdf with the local mode and data has to come from a valid datasource  (not sure what that means..I think it has to be a .net object…not sure )

My favorite part of this session was the Q/A time.  Jessica Moss had an opportunity to show that she knew what she was talking about with some of the tougher questions:
Q. Can we have access to multiple stored procedures form a single report?
A.  On a local report, yes.  on a server report no.

Q.  Can you discuss differences bw 2005 and 2008 rdl report viewer control. 
A.  The rdl tablix, gages, and rtf (allowing html).  The report viewer with local mode will have a problem with the new rtf capability.  Server mode will not have a problem with any of the new features.

Q.  Can rdl be converted to rdlc? 
A.  Yes.  you can by editing the file.  It’s harder to go from rdlc to rdl because you have to add the dataset information.  But it can be done.

Q.  Is there access to snapshots when in sharepoint mode? 
A.  It depends on how you have report services configured.  In regular mode, yes.  if your server is integrated you don’t have access to report manager…therefore you don’t have access to the snapshot tool with report server.  However  can do subscriptions but it’s through the sharepoint tool.


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September 18, 2009 at 3:36 pm

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    September 28, 2010 at 11:24 am

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