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Database Compatibility Settings by Don Vilen

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Just took a course taught by Don Vilen titled ‘Database Compatibility Settings: What they Really Do and Don’t Do”.  Vilen has been a part of the knowledgebase for the different versions for several years (8?) and spoke to the compatibility between the versions.  It was interesting to listen to the history and the problems and the work behind keeping the database compatibility issues to a minimum.  The key points I took away from this course:

1.  test your code
2.  watch out for keywords not allowed (merge is a new one for 2008)
3.  push vendors to upgrade and stay on top of your servers to upgrade asap.

Does the upgrade advisor catch compatibility?  It will catch a lot of them if they are syntactical (can be caught by scanning code)  but behavioral differences are hard to detect. 

What will happen if i restore a database with a  table named revert?  it will work but if there aren’t brackets around it then there will be syntactical problems.

Changing your compatibility to 2008 and then back again doesn’t necessarily change it back…it’s kind of a pseudo change when you revert back.

Put it on a schedule and upgrade as soon as possible to take advantage of the newest versions. 

Thanks Don for the interesting discussion and for sqlpass for hosting the 24 hours of sql pass.  Click the sql24pass tag to see the other classes I took.


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September 17, 2009 at 3:16 pm

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