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Web Development in Visual Studio 2010

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Tim Heuer

I went to Dev Connections 2009 and I took this class by Tim Heuer on the new web development features in vs 2010.  I will be posting more stuff from the classes I took in later posts.

There are many new updates to vs2010.  It was a good class…not WOW good…but it’s nice to see the updates to the tool I use the most in my job.  Here are some of the new functionalities:

Css taskpanes, Multi control designing, Richer deign environment, Formatting and intellisence (including performance of intellisence) is imporoved in javascript (tags: Reference name = “Microsoftajax.js” and Reference path = “microsoftajaxtemplates.js” are going to be needed).  Web templates and the ability to submit them are added, as well as HTML snippets and html intellisence, being able to snap the tabs outside the environment (say, to your other monitor for example). 

There is a shift in development to more client-centric websites, so there is a concept shift that you see implemented here, including ajax client support, more JavaScript support, and the like.  Yes, it is time for you to start thinking more about JavaScript.  Learn to love it, I’m certainly going to have to.  They say there will be ways around it, but don’t buy it.  They are just easing you into it gently.  Soon the java hot tub will be on full jets and you will be happily coding, not realizing you have been morphed into coding on a non-microsoft tool.  (pardon the paranoia). 

Tim also recommended to try out the Microsoft web platform: encouraged to use this tool on an empty box.  He also recommended a new tool for determining browser compatibility: super preview.  It enables you to any website with different browsers without having to have them installed (uses cloud technology).  It’s hard for me to believe that it will work well for the latest versions of browsers, but might be a good tool for older browsers.


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March 23, 2009 at 12:54 pm

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