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I wish that ssms had a way to add a note to a table, but it doesn’t.  Instead it has an extended properties to each object (table, column, etc).  This is pretty handy and helpful but not quick and no one uses it. 

I’d like to place notes in the columns that I create to explain the purpose of each.  maybe I will create a view and modify the adopted code that I found on Amit’s blog.  Thanks Amit! GREAT STUFF!!!

SELECT [sys].[objects].[name] AS [ObjectName] 

,[sys].[objects].[name] as [Property] 

,[sys].[extended_properties].[value] AS [PropertyValue] 

,[syscolumns].[name] AS [ColumnName]



INNER JOIN [sys].[extended_properties] ON [sys].[objects].[object_id] =



INNER JOIN [sys].[schemas] ON [sys].[objects].[schema_id] =



LEFT JOIN [syscolumns] ON [sys].[extended_properties].[minor_id] =



AND [sys].[extended_properties].[major_id] = [syscolumns].[id]


[sys].[objects].[type] = ‘U’


[sys].[objects].[Name] <> ‘sysdiagrams’


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January 26, 2009 at 3:36 pm

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