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I always told my friends, ‘hey we should get together and buy some online storage space servers for online storage space and see if we can make money online selling online storage space.  space.’  And all my friends always said, ‘no.  that online storage space idea sounds like too much work.’  And so over time I knew it would happen: storage gets cheaper and cheaper and bandwidth gets fatter and fatter: and now you can buy online storage space for about $5 per month compared to 4 years ago.

I looked at the competition.  I focused on the main (good or bad) things that swayed me.  These top three have UNLIMITED STORAGE.


$5 per month, Restore is free unless you are impatient.  All of them would have similar download speeds (about a gig an hour).  Other optional costs to restore: DVDs are $99, USB drive is $189.  They have a great vid on their front page (Something feels right about setting a computer on fire). 


There were some people that didn’t like the carbonite customer service, and they don’t have a web interface.  This is fine if you only want to back up or restore from the same computer.  If you are visiting your in-laws and want to ‘restore’ something from your online carbonite drive you can’t do it.  Also, it’s $50 a year, or $89 for two by the way.  This is the cheapest you can get, but you can’t do monthly dollar dings from your bank account either (i like the small hits better than the big ones)


First two gigs are free.  Other than that it is the same as backblaze with one exception: you set your own encryption key…which I really like because I don’t like other  people snooping through my files (thanks Mr. Finch for pointing this one out to me)

The link to Mozy has a reference attached to it.  Per their website you will get the 2 gig plus 256 MB for using the link: “For every person that clicks on that link and starts using Mozy*, you’ll both get another 256MB of free backup space. That’s right, you get extra space, and so do they. That’s 1GB of free space for every four people! (We have powerful computers here that can do that sort of math.) For a limited time, there is no limit on the free space you can get.”

Other solutions that are a waste of clickage:  symantec (2 gig for $5 a month), iron mountain (2 gig for $9 a month),  and IBackup (10 gig for 10 bucks).  Nope, not for me…they have other services that I’m not interested in, maybe you are.

After losing data several times over the years I personally have two 1-terabyte drives at home.  Both of them are attached to different computers.  I save to one, and it backs up to another drive tucked away hidden in my basement where robbers hopefully won’t go.  It backs up immediately…and saves history when changes are made.  I use seagate freeagent drives. 

I don’t like that all of them have software constantly running, although I only saw complaints with carbonite’s software.  Also, all of them will delete your files that you delete after 30 days.  It is what it is: you can’t keep history forever, it’s good that they wait 30 days.

I’m considering going with Mozy as another backup solution for myself for my files that I really want to keep and have access to outside of my  house.  YEAH!!


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January 15, 2009 at 6:54 pm

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