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SSRS 2005 Advance reporting design

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SSRS 2005 Advanced Reporting Design

I took a class by Jason Carlson on Advanced reporting design.  I’ve been working with Report Services for a while now, so honestly there wasn’t much for me in the class.  However, I did learn a few tricks.

1.  Filter all reports on page with a list.  This feature also enables group filtering and group behavior for whatever you put in the group (using list control)

·         Add list from toolbox and use it. cover chart and table with list (make sure it’s embedded)  they will now operate exactly the same.

·         Move the filter from the list to the data region (list properties

·         You have to have a group in the list.  So give it a fake group

o   Use Expression  : 1=1

2,  You can add an assembly to your site and access it from your code.  More on this later but the basic functionality is Code.object.functionname

3.  Inline bar chart tip (using a bar chart in a table).  Very clever!

 Use padding to size the line.  Use a formula:

=((1.0-Fields!SaleAmount.Value/Max(Fields!SaleAmount.Value,”TopOrders”))*72) & “pt“


(Percentage of total 1- (value / Max(value)) Multiply by 72 pts in an inch, the column is 1 inch wide)


Written by matt

May 1, 2008 at 10:58 am

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