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New features of IIS 7

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I attended a class on the new features of IIS 7 taught by Carlos Aguilar Mares.  It was a great discussion and looks promising.  I’m looking forward to a more simple IIS 7 framework.  The common scenario that I see is that most don’t know anything about IIS (myself included), so I’m hoping some of the architectual changes will help with that problem (an example: what does application pooling do exactly and how do you set it appropriately?) Anyway, here are my notes (02_newiis7features).  And Be sure to check out Carlos’ Blog. 

Carlos Ag’s blog


Carlos’ blog on this topic 

 I wanted to mention, as an aside that some of the command line features of iis7 look pretty good.  For instance,

Appcmd list  will list all the site objects

Appcmd list requests will list the currently executing http requests

Appcmd list config “defaultwebsite/temp”   this will show you the web config, but all the inherited default documents as well!


Here’s a nice page I found regarding appcmd.


Also, the applicationhost.config supports “%windir%” and %systemdrive% arguments when pointing to modules, virtual directories, etc. 


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