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Gridview lessons I learnt 2: dynamically set control name

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I didn’t end up using this, but thought it would be handy to have in this blog to reference later. Say, on your gridview you want to know which button is clicked. For instance, if a user clicks a button on the wrong row and you want to find out which row the button was clicked (the easier way to do this is edit the item template and edit item template’s visible properties with the gui).

  • ~Convert your field to a template field
  • ~Add a Command Argument that calls a function in your vb: CommandArgument='<%# getButtonId(“Approve”) %>’
  • ~Now your function can contain all the logic to increment the button value so it will match the row id.

Public Function getButtonId(ByVal buttonName as object)
iButtID += 1
Return buttonName & iButtID
End Function

Wade is a genius with the gridview. He helped me out with this one.


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September 6, 2007 at 6:01 am

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